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Past General Conferences

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10 - 17 August 2013
Twenty-third General Conference
Theme: Museums (memory + creativity) = social change


Shanghai, China
7-12 November 2010
Twenty-second General Conference
Theme: Museums for Social Harmony


Vienna, Austria
19-24 August 2007
Twenty-first General Conference
Theme: Museums and Universal Heritage

Seoul, Korea
2-8 October 2004
Twentieth General Conference
Theme: Museums and Intangible Heritage
ICOM 2004 Seoul and Development of Museums in Korea;
an Asian Perspective


Barcelona, Spain
1-6 July 2001
Nineteenth General Conference
Theme: Managing Change: museums facing economic and social challenges

Melbourne, Australia
9-16 October 1998
Eighteenth General Conference
Theme: Museums and cultural diversity: ancient cultures, new worlds

Stavanger, Norway
2-7 July 1995
Seventeenth General Conference
Theme: Museum and communities

Québec, Canada
19 September-26 September 1992
Sixteenth General Conference
Theme: Museums: re-thinking the boundaries?

The Hague, Netherlands
27 August-6 September 1989
Fifteenth General Conference
Theme: Museums: generators of culture

Buenos Aires, Argentina
26 October-4 November 1986
Fourteenth General Conference
Theme: Museums and the future of our heritage: emergency call

London, England
24 July-2 August 1983
Thirteenth General Conference
Theme: Museums for a developing world



Mexico City, Mexico
25 October-4 November 1980
Twelfth General Conference
Theme: The world's heritage - the museum's responsibilities

Moscow, USSR
23-29 May 1977
Eleventh General Conference
Theme: Museums and cultural exchanges

Copenhagen, Denmark
3-14 June 1974
Tenth General Conference
Theme: The museum and the modern world

Paris, Grenoble, France
29 August-10 September 1971
Ninth General Conference
Theme: The museum in the service of man, today and tomorrow: the museum's educational and cultural role

Cologne, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany
27 July-9 August 1968
Eighth General Conference
Theme: Museum and research

New York, U.S.A
22 September-3 October 1965
Seventh General Conference
Theme: Training of museum personnel

The Hague, Netherlands
4-11 July 1962
Sixth General Conference
Theme: Precautions against theft of art works; conservation of cultural property; the role of history and folklore museums in a changing world; observations on the museum profession; the objectives of the museum: research centres or exhibition hall?; the educational role of museums

Stockholm, Sweden
1-8 July 1959
Fifth General Conference
Theme: Museums as mirrors: their potentialities and limitations

Basle, Zurich, Geneva, Switzerland
2-9 July 1956
Fourth General Conference
Theme: The museum in our time; the natural history museum in the modern world; the problem of history museums in our times; the planning and organization of the modern technical museum; Babel's Tower

Genoa, Milan and Bergamo, Italy
6-12 July 1953
Third General Conference
Theme: Problems of museums located outside; problems of museums in undeveloped areas; the architecture of museums and museums in modern town-planning

London, England
17-22 July 1950
Second General Biennial Conference
Theme: Exchange of collections and conservation personnel; inventory of scientific instruments; museums and education; problems of professionnal training

Paris, France
June 28-July 3 1948
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