Président :

  • Jette SANDAHL, Danemark

Membres :

George ABUNGU, Kenya

Afşin ALTAYLI, Turquie

Margaret ANDERSON, Etats-Unis

Lauran BONILLA-MERCHAV, Costa Rica

David FLEMING, Royaume-Uni

Kenson KWOK, Singapore



Suay AKSOY, Turquie (Présidente de l’ICOM)


Sécretariat de l’ICOM :

Sara HEFT (Chargée d'édition)

MDPP - Comité pour la Définition du musée, perspectives et potentiels

Thème : Définition du musée

The Committee for Museum Definition, Prospects and Potentials (01/01/2017-31/12/2019) explores the shared as well as the profoundly dissimilar conditions, values and practices of museums in diverse and rapidly changing societies. Combining broad dialogue across the membership with dedicated expert fora, the Committee will address the ambiguous and often contradictory trends in society, and the subsequent new conditions, obligations and opportunities for museums, and advise the Executive Board and Advisory Council on these issues.

Approaching the ICOM General Conference in 2019 the Committee will advise the Executive Board and the Advisory Council on aspects which are, in museological and epistemological terms, particularly problematic and challenging in the present museum definition as a shared, international framework. Drawing on the background of information gathered, new trends observed, and discussions conducted through its various working groups, the committee will make recommendations concerning a possible amendment, taking into consideration the inherent complications as well as the potential gains of a new, revised museum definition, which reflects and includes more current conditions, opportunities and priorities for museums.