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ICOM News 2007 no.1

In this Issue:

Museums and Universal Heritage

Universal Heritage at the Origins of Art
ICOM’s Universal Heritage
Family Heritage
Universal Heritage Museum Partnerships

International Museum Day - 18 may 2007
Museums & Universal Heritage - Activities

Museums of the World
Universal Heritage and Vienna’s Museums
General Conference
What to see in Vienna’s Museums this August
Registration for the General Conference
Decisions and Orientations
110th Session of the Executive Council Decisions – 4-6 December 2006 – Paris (France)
Shiraz Declaration-ICOM-ASPAC, 1 March 2007.
Committee Platform
Europe and the Big Bad Wolf
In Brief
In Memoriam: Father Gabriel Casal
Camunian centre for Prehistoric Studies/WARA (World Archive of Rock Art)
News from Partners
Rock Art Partners
Heritage in danger

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