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ICOFOM’s 2012 Meeting in Tunisia

The ICOM International Committee for Museology held its 2012 Annual Meeting in Tunis, from 1 to 3 November. The event was organised in cooperation with ICOM Tunisia on the theme Empowering the Visitor: Process, Progress and Protest.

ICOFOM’s 2012 Meeting in Tunisia

Museums are increasingly recognizing that their visitors have needs and wants that are not always being fulfilled; meanwhile, visitors, and non-visitors, are becoming more vocal in expressing their hopes and desires regarding museums. The topic of the conference therefore led attendees to examine what visitors want and what museums are prepared to give. They also looked at how museum are fulfilling their visitors’ requests and how visitors are urging museums to respond to their concerns.

The event was attended by a total of 65 museum professionals, among whom 38 participants from foreign countries and 27 Tunisians, which makes it the greatest conference ever organised by ICOFOM. The conference was intellectually and professionally stimulating, especially because of the strong participation of younger members. Each participant received a compilation CD of every ICOFOM publication and a copy of the ICOFOM Study Series no 41, produced in both paper and CD form.

Among other activities were visits to Carthage, the Bardo National Museum and excursions to major archaeological sites and historic places. The gala dinner, with local music and wonderful food, completed this remarkable conference.