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ICOM holds an ICOM-ITC special training workshop in Arusha, Tanzania

ICOM-ITC held a special training workshop for 28 participants from 15 different countries at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro from 31 August to 9 September 2015.

ICOM holds an ICOM-ITC special training workshop in Arusha, Tanzania

The training, on the subject of "Museums Today: From Collecting to Marketing," was held at the National Natural History Museum and the Arusha Declaration Museum.

The young professionals who participated in the training were selected based on their applications, which were reviewed by a special committee. Led by 12 international teachers and trainers, they attended both theoretical and practical courses and a number of role-playing workshops. Participants particularly enjoyed the "reading artefacts" activity, during which they learned to describe and analyze a work in the host museum. A session dedicated to the preventive conservation of collections also resulted in a valuable analysis of the conservation conditions at the National Natural History Museum, with participants suggesting several areas for improvement. The small group workshops provided a real opportunity for professionals from different countries to learn from one another through the exchange of views and relevant examples. 

The training also included a visit of the famous Olduvai Gorge, a prehistoric archaeological site where several discoveries of major importance to the history of humanity have been made. At the request of her colleagues, Mrs. Agness Gidna, an archeologist at the site and participant in the training, even gave an impromptu guided visit of the excavation area.  

The workshop was organized in partnership with the Palace Museum in Beijing and with the support of Taikang Life Insurance Company and the ICOM Endowment Fund.  

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