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CAMOC's New Working Groups

CAMOC is now seeking members for a new series of working groups:
1. Publications
2. CAMOCnews,CAMOC's regular newsletter
3. Projects and conferences, including two sub-groups arising out of the Rio de Janeiro August 2013 conference: a. on the Rio Favela INsight Project and the creation of a crowd source online platform on cities and city museums, and b. on the Rio CityTEXTureS project (Literature and Cities)
4. Recruiting new members for CAMOC
5. Fundraising for CAMOC activities
6. CAMOC Rules - the rules each international committee must have
7.The CAMOC web site
8. City Museum Research
9. Especially for city museum directors and staff - issues of leadership, governance and sustainability of city museums.

If you would like to join any of these groups please email the CAMOC secretary at secretary@camoc.icom.museum