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Contributions to ICOM Education 25

Dear CECA Members,

Let me first take this opportunity to wish you again a wonderful 2014.

CECA Board publication group, whose members are Cinzia Angelini, Stéphanie Wintzerith and myself, is now working in planning ICOM Education 25. The issue will be sponsored by a project of the European Union (www.museums-exhibiting-europe.eu) that has the purpose to change the perspective in considering museum objects. In fact a single object can be viewed and interpreted in multiple different ways, according to our knowledge and, why not, our imagination., including an original way to communicate an exhibition object or other different forms of perspective.

My personal wish is that CECA members, if they want, can contribute to the publication, sending us a short article about a museum object that they want to present in a new and surprising way. In the last part of this message, you will find a table with precise information you need to follow when writing your article.

ICOM Education 25 will be presented as usual in CECA annual conference, that will take place in Alexandria October 10th -15th, 2014. Keep in mind that the deadline to submit your proposal is March 31st. An international  committee will select the articles to be published.

I hope that we’ll receive lots of proposals!

Best wishes

Emma Nardi

(ICOM – CECA President)


Contributions to ICOM Education 25


March 31st 2014

To be sent to





Number of  characters (including spaces)

Between 18,000 and 22,000

Number of photos

Between 1 and 3


English, French or Spanish


Presentation of the museum

Short and precise

Description of the object

From the geographical, historical, artistic, material point of view (etc)

Presentation of the object

Stress the non traditional character of the presentation