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Informace o grantových podporách pro členy ICOMu na rok 2014

Dear colleagues of National Committees,

In 2014, ICOM will continue to support the network through the following three major programmes:

1) Support to National and International Committees and Regional Alliances in organising special projects.

2) A travel grant programme to foster the attendance of young members at the annual meetings of ICOM’s International Committees.

3) As well as a travel grant programme to support the participation of Chairpersons from National Committees from developing countries in June Meetings in Paris in 2014.

Given the financial impact on ICOM’s budget, all supported actions are subject to a review process by the Strategic Allocation Review Commission (SAREC) based on files presented and a follow-up process once completed. The next meeting of the SAREC will be held in Paris from 24 to 26 February, 2014.

The forms to be completed as well as the guidelines related to each programme can be downloaded on ICOMMUNITY: http://icommunity.icom.museum/en/content/support-network (after login to icommunity find heading Administrative - Support to the network)

In order for an overall assessment of the applications, the National Committees who were awarded subsidies for Special Projects in 2013 must submit a report by 31 December, 2013.

The General Secretariat teams are available to assist you during the process; you will find the names of the coordinators specified for each programme on the page.

The timeline is as follows:

Submission deadline ICOM answer
Special Projects 5 December, 2013 From 17 March, 2014 onwards
Travel Grant Programme – Young Members 13 January, 2014 From 17 March, 2014 onwards
Travel Grant Programme – June Meetings 13 January, 2014 From 10 March, 2014 onwards