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Milan, here ICOM!

One year from now, the capital of Lombardy will welcome the 24th ICOM General Conference!

Milan, here ICOM!

From 3 to 9 July, 2016, join 4,000 museum colleagues and take part in scientific discussions among ICOM’s 30 International Committees, with lively discussion on the conference theme, “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”; enjoy the unique opportunity to discover and explore Milan and Italy through cultural excursions, social events, outstanding shows, tailored especially for conference delegates.

From now until the conference, a various number of events and publications will be dedicated to the conference theme, which encompasses issues that are central to ICOM’s vision and strategy, highlighting the new responsibilities of our museums towards the heritage that surrounds them. The Organising Committee of ICOM Milano 2016 aims at an ICOM Declaration on Museums and Cultural Landscapes, to be approved in Milan, so that new strategic objectives and programmes are set for contemporary museums.

On 28 and 29 November, 2015, a meeting will be organised in Brescia and Milan in cooperation with Fondazione Brescia Musei, for the discussion of the conference theme, while a special issue of Museum International will also be dedicated to “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”.

Find all the information on ICOM Milano 2016 website: www.milano2016.icom.museum, fully operative in four languages and constantly updated with news, programme and practical information. Programme information will be posted regularly toward ICOM Milano 2016 in the ICOM Facebook and Twitter accounts.