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The ICOM RIO 2013 23rd General Conference kicks off

Every three years, ICOM’s General Conference gathers the international museum community on a theme chosen by museum professionals. From 10 to 17 August, 2013, several thousand museums experts from all over the world meet to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges museums are facing today. The event takes place at the Cidade das Artes complex in Rio de Janeiro.

The ICOM RIO 2013 23rd General Conference kicks off

Cidade das Artes complex in Rio de Janeiro

The theme of ICOM Rio 2013 is Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change. Several keynote speeches, workshops, collaborative sessions and visits will address this theme and allow participants (both ICOM members and non-members) to examine this equation, which gathers concepts that are essential to defining what a museum is today.

The conference opening ceremony will take place on Monday, 12 August and will be followed by a keynote speech by Brazilian museologist Ulpiano B. Meneses. The Museum Trade and Institutional Fair opens on the same day. ICOM International Committees will continue their sessions untill 15 August, ICOM International Committees will continue their sessions, followed by an excursion day on the 16th and the ICOM General Assembly on the 17th.

To amplify the accessibility to the 23rd General Conference of ICOM, ICOM Brazil made a partnership with the Brazilian Forum Permanente to streamline the main activities of the Conference, now that inscriptions are open only at the venue. Please follow the activities via the link http://www.forumpermanente.org/event_pres/encontros/icom-2013/icom-2013.