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City TEXTures Project

CAMOC is pleased to announce the online debut of its City TEXTures project.

At ICOM's 2013 general conference in Rio de Janeiro, CAMOC partnered with ICLM, ICOM’s international committee for literary museums, to highlight the literary flavor of cities around the world. At a special event held at the Rio Botanical Garden, CAMOC and ICLM members read passages from their city's favorite writers. More than 10 cities were represented, in nearly as many languages; including a Leo Tolstoy passage about Moscow read in Russian by Tolstoy’s great grandson. It was a particularly moving experience to hear the words of these writers describing the cities they grew up in, the cities they live in, the cities they know and love.

And so CAMOC asked our members to record these passages so they can be shared with a wider audience. The first batch is already available on CAMOC's SoundCloud page, and more recordings will be added in the coming weeks. CAMOC board members Layla Betti and Rainey Tisdale are spearheading this project. Contact us if you would like to record a passage from your own city for inclusion.