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ICOM’s second thematic month with African museums in June

ICOM’s second thematic month with African museums in June


The ICOM World Expo Programme continues in June with the Month of Africa. From 1 – 30 June,
African museums will be presented through a month-long exhibition and various activities.

What’s New
In June, ICOM has teamed up with Angola Pavilion of Shanghai
World Expo and performances will be on-staged in ICOM Pavilion to
open the Month of Africa.
5 June (10.00 – 10.30): ‘Mwa Na’ – a show of traditional Angolan
carnival, performed by six children, singing and dancing in costumes
with background music.
5 June (14.30 – 15.00): ‘Kina Ku Moxi’ – a show of traditional
Angolan dance and chant, performed by four dancers and two
6 June (10.00 – 10.30): ‘Kina Ku Moxi’
6 June (15.00 – 15.30): ‘Mwa Na’
ICOM International Committee for Education and Cultural Action
(CECA) will continue to host events at the ICOM Pavilion in June. Four
specialists from Nigeria will entertain and teach the families and young
public through lively activities and traditional African performances.
Local public will have an opportunity to get to know African cultures.
12 & 13 June
- A dance drama of traditional marriages in Nigeria
- Songs and dance from Senegal
- Cultures of Burkina Faso
- Workshop for school children to learn African societies

Focus on the Temporary Exhibition
Museums in Africa show their difference and diversity through their
collections, professions and locations. ICOM has prepared a full month
of exhibitions on social, cultural, economic, environmental and
technological developments in African museums.

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