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International Museum Day – 18 May 2010

International Museum Day – 18 May 2010


Around 18 May, museums all over the world will celebrate International Museum Day.
From America to Oceania, through Europe, Asia and Africa, International Museum Day is a widely popular event created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). More than 30,000 museums are expected to organise activities in almost 100 countries.

Regional partnership for “Museums for Social Harmony”
On Saturday 16 May, 2010, the 6th edition of the European Night of Museums announced International Museum Day. The Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD), whose members are based in the US, Canada and Mexico, will promote and take part in International Museum Day 2010. AAMD’s participation will help to highlight the important role that art museums play within their specific communities. Alissandra Cummins, President of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), welcomes the participation of the AAMD in International Museum Day. “This initiative fits in perfectly with the theme ‘Museums for Social Harmony’, where each culture interacts with and respects the other with a view to creating dialogue, tolerance, coexistence and development,” she says.

From the serious to the original
The international museum community will exercise its imagination by organising discovery tours by day or night, fascinating visits, workshops and conferences for all ages. In Mongolia, the Theatre museum will invite kindergarten children to attend a special play in the museum; Museum Ugo Guidi in Italy will present visual events, music and a performance from the Art school Passaglia; in Australia, Museum and Gallery Services Queensland is organising Museums Alight!, a week-long event that ‘shines a light’ on the collection items,
contemporary art exhibitions, historical venues and stories of museums and galleries in every region of Queensland; in South Africa, the Dzata Museum is organising a clay pot-making competition in the museum grounds between six students from three primary schools in the Limpopo Province. These and many more events should not be missed!
Julien Anfruns, Director General of ICOM adds: “From national to local activities, the 2010 edition of International Museum Day promises to be a highly memorable day!”.

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