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100 missing objects

This series presents a selection of objects that have been stolen and whose disappearance has been reported to the police. Each object is registered in the INTERPOL database.

As of now, ICOM has published in this collection:

  • Looting in Angkor (1993, 2nd edition in 1997)
  • Looting in Africa (1994, 2nd edition in 1997)
  • Looting in Latin America (1997)
  • Looting in Europe (2001)



One Hundred Missing Objects success stories

The four ICOM publications cited above have allowed certain stolen objects to be found:

  • At least 10 objects were identified and returned thanks to the publication dedicated to Khmer in Angkor.
  • A dozen archaeological artefacts coming from Africa were found and returned to their countries of origin.
  • Looting in Latin America played an essential role in the seizure of almost 6,000 pre-Hispanic artefacts and in the arrest of three people in July and September 2006 in the United States and in Ecuador (see the photos).
  • At least 6 items of religious art were returned in Europe.

Other objects included in these publications have been found, but their restitution is the subject of negotiations between the current owners and the country or institution of origin. ( - Download Free Porn from Keep2Share