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Red List of Dominican Cultural Objects at Risk

Following the publication of the Emergency Red List of Haitian Cultural Objects at Risk, drafted after the devastating earthquake that shook the country on 12 January 2010, the Red List of Dominican Cultural Objects at Risk completes the protection devices regarding the island of Hispaniola.

The Dominican Red List aims to help art and heritage professionals and law enforcement officials identify Dominican objects that are protected by national and international legislations. In order to facilitate identification, the Red List illustrates the categories or types of cultural items that are most likely to be illegally traded.

Museums, auction houses, art dealers and collectors are encouraged not to acquire objects similar to those presented in the List without having carefully and thoroughly researched their origin and all relevant legal documentation.

Due to the great diversity of objects, styles and periods, the Red List of Dominican Cultural Objects at Risk is far from exhaustive. Any cultural good that could have originated from the Dominican Republic should be subjected to detailed scrutiny and precautionary measures.


Download the Red List of Dominican Cultural Objects at Risk in English

Download the Red List of Dominican Cultural Objects at Risk in Spanish


ICOM thanks the invaluable help of the experts who contributed to the List, without whom its publication would not have been possible. These are, in alphabetical order:

  • Luisa de Peña Díaz, Director of the Museo Memorial de la Resistencia Dominicana. ICOM is thankful for Ms Luisa de Peña Diaz’s unwavering commitment towards the success of this project, as national coordinator of the Editorial Committee she played an essential role in completing the Red List.
  • Cesar Iván Feris Iglesias, President of the Programa APEC Cultural.
  • Esteban Prieto Vicioso, Director of the Oficina de la Obra y Museos de la Catedral de Santo Domingo.
  • Risoris Silvestre, Director of the Centro de Inventario de Bienes Culturales.


ICOM wishes to thank all the institutions and people who so generously provided the images of the objects presented in the Red List for the Dominican Republic:

  • Museo Naval de las Reales Atarazanas, Santo Domingo
  • Alcázar de Colón, Santo Domingo
  • Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo
  • Museo Bellapart, Santo Domingo