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AEOM - Open-Air Museums

Association of European Open-Air Museums

The Association of European Open-Air Museums is composed of directors and of senior staff members. The association's objectives are the exchange of scholarly, technical, practical and organisational experience in relation to open-air museums and the promotion of their activities. For this purpose, the association organises bi-annual conferences during which members may participate in excursions and in working sessions dedicated to specific themes.


Dr. Jan Carstensen
AEOM Chair, Director
LWL-Freilichtmuseums Detmold/Westfälisches Landersmuseum für Volkskunde,
Landsschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL)
Krummes Haus
D - 32720 Detmold
Phone :+49 (0)5231 706 101
Fax :+49 (0)5231 706 106


Katarina Frost
AEOM Vice-President, Director
Vallby Friluftsmuseum
Västerås Stad
S - 721 87 Västerås
Phone :+46 21 39 80 70
Fax :+46 21 35 76 74