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AMOI - Museums of the Indian Ocean

Association of Museums of the Indian Ocean

AMOI is an association of curators, technicians, specialists and other museum professionals from the south-west region of the Indian Ocean (i.e. Comores, Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles and the island of Réunion). AMOI's main objective is to create a dynamic museum community, taking into account the specificity of each country's museums without losing sight of the region's common identity. The association seeks out human and financial resources in order to organise common activities such as training programmes, exhibitions and research projects.


Sidi Ainouddine, AMOI President
Centre national de documentation et de recherche scientifique (CNDRS)
BP 169
Phone :+269 74 4187
Fax :+269 74 4189


Mr. Paul Mazaka
Directeur du service culturel
Ville De Le Port
Mairie de Le Port - Hôtel de Villle
9, rue Renaudiere de Vaux
BP 62004
97821 Cedex Le Port (La Réunion)
Phone :+33 (0)2 624 287 41