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HO!I - Children in Museums

Hands On! International Association of Children's Museums

Hands On! International Association of Children's Museums (HO!I) is an international professional organisation representing and advocating for its non-profit member institutions from around the world. HO!I began in the mid-90s as an informal network of a few children's museum directors interested in promoting the development of the children's museum concept and was incorporated as an association in 1998. HO!I supports the important role of children's museum as centres which foster curiosity and imagination and where play inspires creativity, informal and lifelong learning. With over 90 members representing more than 30 countries, the association provides an international forum for discussion and professional development. Its bi-annual conference attracts more than 200 delegates.


Jörg Ehtreiber, Hands on President
Frida und Fred das Grazer Kindermuseum (Kimus Kindermuseum Graz Gmbh)
Friedrichgasse 34
8010 Graz


Sarai Melina Lenzberger
Hands On Secretariat: Friedrichgasse 34,
8010 Graz,
Austria ( - Download Free Porn from Keep2Share