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AIMA - Agricultural Museums

International Association of Agricultural Museums

AIMA gather professionals from agricultural museums all over the world. It promotes scientific research and stimulates collaboration among museum professionals and agricultural museums. Every three years, AIMA organises an international congress during which specific themes are presented and discussed. In the future, AIMA will focus its attention on developing countries. Agricultural museums must encourage development while at the same time remain critical of the deviations of intensive agriculture which destroy the environment and, above all, harm poorer populations.


Mrs. Merli Sild
Eesti Põllumajandusmuuseum (Estonian Agricultural Museum)
Pargi 4
Ülenurme vald
61714 Tartu


Cozette Griffin-Kremer
18 rue Gambetta
78120 Rambouillet
Phone :+33 (0)1 34 83 85 62