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IACM - Customs/Tax Museums

International Association of Customs/Tax Museums

The aims of IACM are: to recognise and promote benefits accruing from the collection, preservation, documentation and display of customs artefacts; to establish, maintain and promote a network of custom museums; to establish links with appropriate organisations; to improve professional standards and encourage research related to its aims.


Henri Nimax, IACM President
Agent des douanes et directeur du musée
34, rue d’Imbringen,
6162 Bourglinster
Phone :+352 290 191 221


Jón Ágúst Eggertsson
Norwegian Customs Museum
Tollbugata 1A, Pb. 8122 Dep.
0032 Oslo
Phone :+47 2234 6876
Fax :+47 2234 6860