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IAMH - Museums of History

International Association of Museums of History

The International Association of Museums of History, first founded in Paris in 1991, fosters work and ideas of relevance to history museums. It was created upon the following statement: there was no clear definition of the history museum: it is more defined with respect to what it is not (an art museum for instance) than what it is. Thus the association has always been striving since the beginning to organize discussions with this type of museum which characteristic is to have historic collections. Finally, the association works on three levels: France, Europe, and World.


Ms. Sladjana Bojković, IAMH President
Historical Museum of Serbia
Ðjure Jakšića 9
11000 Beograd


Marie-Paule Jungblut
Historisches Museum Basel
Direktion und Verwaltung
Steinenberg 4
4051 Basel
Switzerland ( - Download Free Porn from Keep2Share