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ICAMT - Architecture and Museum Techniques

International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques

ICAMT offers a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise for all those interested in museums architecture, planning, construction and programming or in any aspect of exhibition production and design. The committee discusses everything from the basic materials used for exhibition construction to the philosophical aspects of interpretation. ICAMT publishes a newsletter entitled Brief twice a year and organises annual meetings and the meetings of the working groups.


Jean Hilgersom
Wagenweg 58
2012 Ng Haarlem
Phone :+31 (0)23 531 9095
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Stein Adler Bernhoft
Tr√łndelag folkemuseum
Riiser-Larsens v. 16
NO-7020 Trondheim
Phone :+47 73 890100
Fax :+47 73 890150