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ICEE - Exhibition Exchange

International Committee for Exhibitions and Exchange

ICEE is a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and experience about exhibitions. The committee deals with many different aspects of exhibition development, circulation and exchange. It also collects information about potential as well as existing travelling exhibitions. Annual meetings feature discussions and valuable networking opportunities for museum professionals involved in exhibition planning. A recently launched publication series will offer information and practical solutions to concrete problems in order to help professionals organise exhibitions that are useful, informative and cost-effective.


Antonio Rodriguez, ICEE Chairperson
International Traveling Exhibitions, Strategic Partnership & Alliances
Washington, DC -


Anne-Marie Raymond
Advisor, Strategic initiatives
Canadian Museum of History (Musée Canadien de l'Histoire)
100, rue Laurier
Gatineau, Qc K1a 0m8
Phone :+1 (0)819 776 8310
Fax :+1 (0)819 776 7062