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ICDAD - Decorative Arts and Design

International Committee for Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design

ICDAD is devoted to museums and collections of applied and decorative arts conserved in museums, houses, castles and historic monuments. The committee is interested in historic interiors, applied art collections and contemporary design. Members participate in annual meetings organised under a specific theme which goal is to exchange ideas. During these meetings, members may also participate in organised visits to museums, historic houses and monuments, artists' and designers' workshops, galleries and private collections.


Helena Koenigsmarková, ICDAD Chairperson
Umeleckoprumyslové Museum V Praze (Museum Of Decorative Arts Prague)
ulice 17 listopadu 12
110 01 Praha 1
Czech Republic


Ms. Martina Pall
Hanns Schell Collection
Wienerstraße 10
8020 Graz
Phone :+43 316 715 656 38