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NATHIST - Natural History

International Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History

NATHIST is concerned with the conservation of biological diversity in museums collections as well as in the natural environment, the scientific study of the world's natural heritage and the education of the wider public through museum displays, conferences, field trips, etc. A newsletter ensures contacts between members of the committee which should be increasingly called upon considering the ever-increasing interest in nature and its protection.


Dr Eric Dorfman
Whanganui Regional Museum
PO Box 352
Whanganui, 4500
New Zealand
Phone :+64 6 349-1110


Dr Luisa Maria Rocha
Instituto de Pesquisa Jardim Botâ nico do Rio de Janeiro
Rua Jardim Botânico, 1008
Jardim Botânico,
Rio de Janeiro, 22460-030
Phone :+55 21 3874-1214