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ICOMAM - Arms and Military History

International Committee for Museums of Arms and Military History

ICOMAM fosters the study of arms, armour, artillery, fortifications, uniforms, flags and medals and develops and maintains relations between museums and other institutions concerned with the preservation and interpretation of such artefacts. It is the only International Committee of its kind dealing comprehensively with this particular subject area in the field of museology. ICOMAM holds triennial congresses and annual symposia or conferences and organises the triennial Justus Lipsius Award for outstanding published research in the field. ICOMAM's approach is historical, scientific and objective but always within a social context. It seeks to explore both the technical development of the material culture of its subject area and the often profound impact this has had on national and international politics and economics, society and art.


Eva Sofi Ernstell, ICOMAM Chairperson
Riddargatan 13
Box 14095
104 41 Stockholm
Phone :+46 (0)8 5195 6361
Fax :+46 (0)8 662 6831


Mathieu Willemsen
Conservator Vuurwapens (Curator of Firearms)
Legermuseum (Army Museum)
Korte Geer 1
2611 CA Delft
Phone :+31 (0)15 215 2622
Fax :+31 (0)15 215 2607