ICOM’s Committees

ICOM’s Committees represent the museums and museum professionals within the organisation.
They serve as a go-between for the General Secretariat, the National Committees, the International Committees, the Regional Alliances, Affiliated Organisations, Standing Committees and Working Groups. These bodies contribute to the resources, the energy and the diversity of the programmes set up by ICOM. Read more

ICOM LAC - Latin America & Caribbean

International Council of Museums Latin America & Caribbean Alliance

ICOM-LAC is a Regional Alliance of the International Council of Museums. It provides a forum for the exchange of information and cooperation between museums and museum professionals in the participating National Committees of  the Latin America & Caribbean region. ICOM-LAC is a partner of other regional ICOM organisations in the conservation, continuation and communication of culture.


Lucía Astudillo Loor
Museo de los Metales
Sucre 683
Phone :+593 (0)7 842 333
Fax :+593 (0)7 2831636


Lauran Bonilla-Merchav
President ICOM Costa Rica
Asociación AccionArte
Apdo. 849
Escazú, Costa Rica
Phone :+506 8364-0282
Fax :+506 2289-9312