President :

  • Sally Yerkovich, USA

Members :

Nath Mayo ADEDIRAN, Nigeria

Johannes BELTZ, Switzerland

Inkyung CHANG, South Korea (Member of ICOM Executive Board)

Ech-Cherki DAHMALI, Morrocco

Luisa DE PEÑA DÍAZ, Dominican Republic

Wim DE VOS, Belgium

David FLEMING, United Kingdom

Carlos Roberto FERREIRA BRANDÃO, Brazil (Member of ICOM Executive Board)

Mikhail GNEDOVSKY, Russia

Rooksana OMAR, South Africa

Robert PETERS, Germany

Steph SCHOLTEN, Netherlands


Suay AKSOY, Turkey (President of ICOM)

ETHCOM - Ethics Committee

Topic : Ethics

The Ethics Committee (01/01/2017-31/12/2019) advises ICOM in all matters relating to museum professional ethics. The members of the Committee, whose mandate is renewed triennially, are appointed by ICOM’s President. The Committee operates in parallel to the Legal Affairs Committee and the Finance and Resources Committee, and works under the authority of the Executive Council.


The objectives of the Ethics Committee are as follows:

  • Monitor the application of ICOM's Code of Ethics for Museums, inform the Executive Council of serious violations of the Code, and eventually request that certain recommendations be published in ICOM News;
  • Recommend to the Executive Council, the Advisory Committee and eventually the General Assembly, any changes or additions to ICOM's Code of Ethics for Museums that may be found necessary;
  • Review on behalf of ICOM other Codes of Ethics that may be developed by the subordinate bodies of ICOM concerning their specialised domains;
  • Maintain awareness and advise the Executive Council on evolving ethical issues affecting museums and their work within the cultural heritage sector today; submit a general report on the Committee’s work during the preceding triennium to each General Assembly coinciding with the General Conference of ICOM. ( - Download Free Porn from Keep2Share