President :

  • Ole WINTHER, Denmark

Members :

Hugues DREYSSÉ, France

Elizabeth DUGGAL, United States of America

Paal MORK, Norway

Emma NARDI, Italy (Treasurer of ICOM)

Jacques TERRIÈRE, France


Suay AKSOY, Turkey (President of ICOM)

ICOM Secretariat:

Florian COURTY (Management Control)

Isabelle DEMANGEOT (Head of Department of Finance, HR, General Services, IT and Network Support)

FIREC - Finance and Resources Committee

Topic : Finance and Resources

The Finance and Resources Committee (01/01/2017-31/12/2019) is a Technical Committee of ICOM to advise the Executive Council and the Advisory Committee of ICOM.
The purpose and missions of the Committee are:

  • examine and advise the Executive Council (and thereby also the Advisory Committee) on broad issues concerning ICOM’s oversight and development of its financial resources as a whole, taking a long-term view across a triennium rather than within single fiscal-year periods;
  • examine and advise the Executive Council on the role and potential of the ICOM’s Foundation, as a body and instrument to assist ICOM financially in diverse ways;
  • seek reports and advice from the task forces of ICOM Committees to assist Council’s clear understanding of the Committees’ functioning, giving attention to comparative issues of current concern or future potential in terms of finances and resources allocation;
  • advise ICOM on ways of differentiating some of its funding allocations on a more prioritised basis, to assist new developments and increased capacities within the organisation as a whole, according to its mission, principal objectives, strategic development and evolving  programs. ( - Download Free Porn from Keep2Share