President :

  • Rina Pantalony, USA
Rachelle BROWNE, United States of America

Members :

Jean-François CANAT, France

Manlio FRIGO, Italy

Benjamin GOES, Belgium

Monika HAGEDORN-SAUPE, Germany

Goranka HORJAN, Croatia

Josh KNERLY, United States of America

Makeen F. MAKEEN, United Kingdom

Vincent NÉGRI, France

Laura PÉREZ DÍAZ, Dominican Republic

Ganga RAUTELA, India

Pierre Claver RUNIGA, Rwanda

Regine SCHULZ, Germany (Chair of Advisory Council)


Suay AKSOY, Turkey (President of ICOM)

ICOM Secretariat:

Sophie DELEPIERRE (Legal and Institutional Affairs Coordinator)

France DESMARAIS (Director of Programmes and Partnerships)

LEAC - Legal Affairs Committee

Topic : Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs Committee (01/01/2017-31/12/2019) is a Technical Committee of ICOM to advise the Executive Council and the Advisory Committee of ICOM.

The purpose and missions of the Committee are to provide expertise on legal issues of interest to the museum community, such as but not limited to cultural heritage, intellectual property and information technology laws.

The Committee assists ICOM in advancing and promoting knowledge, best practices and informed action focusing on legal issues for museums and museum professionals. The Committee shall notably:

  • Advise the Executive Council and the Secretariat on legal issues topical, affecting museums, museum professionals, art and cultural heritage and more generally on legal issues in relation with ICOM stakes and challenges.
  • Provide opinio juris to ICOM and ICOM Members in order for them to act with due diligence with respect to legal matters.
  • Advocate on legal issues affecting the museum community.
  • Raise awareness on new legal issues interesting the museum community. ( - Download Free Porn from Keep2Share