President :

  • Emma NARDI, Italy (Treasurer of ICOM)

Members :

Laishun AN, China (Vice-President of ICOM)

Chedlia ANNABI, Tunisia

Kérya CHAU SUN, Cambodia

Claude FAUBERT, Canada

Alberto GARLANDINI, Italy (Vice-President of ICOM)

Goranka HORJAN, Croatia

Ian JONES, United Kingdom

Tereza SCHEINER, Brazil 

Regine SCHULZ (Chair of Advisory Council)


Suay AKSOY, Turkey (President of ICOM)

ICOM Secretariat:

Susanne PÖVERLEIN (Manager of Standing Committees and General Meetings)

SAREC - Strategic Allocation Review Committee

Topic : Support to the network

The Strategic Allocation Review Committee (01/01/2017-31/12/2019) is intended to review the subvention applications submitted to ICOM by its committees and regional alliances as they relate to the frame of the organisation’s Strategic Plan and based on their capacity of implementation while reaching their objectives with full consumption of the given funds.

Its tasks cover on the one hand the subventions for International Committees and on the other hand, the assessment of the special projects in order to review all the requests with the most comprehensive and strategic vision.

Meeting on a yearly basis and exchanging through all useful means (particularly files’ sharing, teleconference and video), the Committee makes sure the proposed projects comply with the set budget allocated to support the network as voted every year by ICOM’s Executive Council. Its recommendations are then transmitted to the ICOM’s Director General.

The Committee also provides recommendations with respect to the bursaries’ programmes and applications submitted by members and sponsored by ICOM committees.