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Become a partner

Become a partner

As the foremost reference for museums and museum professionals, ICOM works with world-renowned partners to achieve common goals.

ICOM seeks part­n­ers to ensure the development of its activities that benefit museums and museum professionals worldwide. In supporting ICOM, you can act in support of the world’s heritage and museums by providing donations, in-kind patronage or capacity-sharing. For your spon­sor­ing com­mit­ment, you will re­ceive a di­verse range of ben­e­fits that correspond to your per­so­n­al goals. In doing so, you will be taking in ambitious action plans and programmes across the world. We can offer visibility through our unique network of more than 40,000 members and museum professionals from 141 countries. You will enhance your image even as you engage, involving in activities that benefit society as a whole.

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