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Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings

The Annual Meetings represent a moment of inclusive and participatory dialogue among ICOM’s members and Governance to make decisions concerning the organisation’s future

Every year, Chairpersons of National and International Committees, Regional Alliances, Affiliated Organisations and members gather to attend the key moments of the organisation’s life: the General Assembly  and the Advisory Council, in order to evaluate the actions conducted over the past year and define the road map of the coming year.

Furthermore, reports on the state of play of ICOM Standing Committees, Working Groups, and workshops, enable participants to deepen essential aspects of the association, relevant subjects for the global museum community. In addition, these reports explore new ideas to improve the structure of the organisation and further the development of the museum world.

The 85th and 86th Sessions of the ICOM Advisory Council and the 34th Ordinary General Assembly will take place respectively on 1 and 7 September 2019 during the 25th ICOM General Conference in Kyoto (Japan).

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