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ICOM Learning

ICOM Learning

ICOM training seminars and workshops promote and encourage capacity building for museum professionals

In order to shape the museum of tomorrow, ICOM delivers high standard capacity building programmes with the support of its network. The objective of these programmes is to improve museum practices in specific regions and to promote professional regional cooperation between institutions that are facing similar challenges. ICOM’s specificity is to offer capacity-building activities adapted to each field. These trainings are designed to fit the participants’ needs and profiles. ICOM’s trainings activities are flexible: their duration, location, and themes are tailored for a given situation. Furthermore, ICOM Learning programmes give a large priority to practical workshops instead of theoretical seminars, with hands-on exercises organised within the concerned institutions.

Some of our training topics

  • Collections management
  • Education and visitor services
  • Exhibitions management
  • Communication and marketing
  • Planning, administration and finances
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Social inclusion
  • Emergency preparedness and response

ICOM Learning activities are organised in collaboration with different partners, depending on the scope and terms.

You want to develop a training programme in your region?

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ICOM Learning – Call for applications

You want to participate to ICOM learning programme? Here you will find all the current calls for applications.

ICOM/MAC workshop in disaster risk management for museums

Call for applications (grant) – Exchange programme for Swiss museum professionals

ICOM International Training Centre for Museum Studies – ITC

The ICOM International Training Centre for Museum Studies (ICOM-ITC) is a collaboration between ICOM, ICOM China and the Palace Museum in Beijing to offer training programmes to the growing community of museums. The Centre develops these programmes with the participation of international and Chinese experts who give lectures and lead discussions and activities related to contemporary needs such as community engagement, social role of museums, developing partnerships, museum ethics, etc. ICOM-ITC is intended to promote research and exchange among museums at an international level and develop the museum expertise of professionals from developing countries, especially those from the Asia-Pacific region. To this end, the Center regularly offers full and partial grants to ensure the participation of the selected participants. Courses are offered twice per year, in English. The call for applications are published in our web page and social networks in July and in December. The conditions to participate in the courses are:

  • Having paid ICOM membership dues for two consecutive years including the current year of application, or, in the case of a new or reinstated ICOM membership, having paid membership dues for the year of application;
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English;
  • Occupying middle-management position in a recognised museum or public institution;
  • Aged 45 years or under, by 31 December of the year of application.

All ICOM-ITC handbooks


The ICOM International Museum Research and Exchange Centre (ICOM-IMREC)

The ICOM International Museum Research and Exchange Centre (ICOM-IMREC) is an international research and exchange platform concerning the museum field and its related areas.

The idea was born after ICOM General Conference, Kyoto 2019, between ICOM and the Shanghai University in China, to implement Resolution 2 of the General Assembly to integrate Asia into the ICOM Community.

It is a partnership created to encourage museums all over the world to engage in a more diverse, inclusive, and democratic cultural dialogue and collaboration among ICOM and the global museum community.

ICOM-IMREC also provides research and exchange knowledge opportunities for ICOM members from all around the world, especially those young museum leaders from the emerging countries.

ICOM-IMREC’s objective are, in accordance with ICOM’s missions:

  • to stimulate a global think tank and an international network;
  • to address critical theoretical and practical issues that the international museum community is facing;
  • to promote cross-geographical and interdisciplinary collaborations for scientific research on current and emerging issues commonly shared by the museum community;
  • to publish data analysis and research reports.

The creation of the administrative, academic and governance bodies is in process and the activities and modalities of participation will be published on our website.