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May 18, 2024

International Museum DayInternational Museum Day 2024: President’s Message

Dear colleagues, members and friends of the museum community,

Ever since 1977, ICOM has organised The International Museum Day on May 18. This day is a wonderful opportunity to harmonise all members in a global symphony played in very diverse ways. The theme that was chosen at the ICOM General Assembly for IMD 2024 is Museums for Education and Research! Since 2020, International Museum Day highlights a set of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. This year the IMD 2024 theme connects to Goal 4: Quality education, and Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

For me, education has been the core topic and field of expertise for all my life. Research is an activity that investigates the aspects of our life and finds new ways to improve and enhance educational activity.

For me,
education is culture
education is reading
education is enlightenment
education is transformation
education is dignity
education is equality
education is inclusion
education is solidarity
education is life!

As the ICOM new museum definition emphasises: Museums are important educational hubs. In collaboration with schools and universities, museums can offer a variety of different opportunities both for children, young and mature people. We have multiple examples that show how museums can make a big difference when they work with their communities on education and research topics – like you are doing this month for the International Museum Day 2024!

Which is why we have launched the ICOM Award – the first global award that recognises innovative initiatives and exemplary museum practices in sustainable development. Another great opportunity for all ICOM members in all areas around the world to learn and explore the power of museums.

The digital interactive map allows you to see IMD events from museums all over the world, and shows how our community is creative, full of imagination and rich in new ideas! Also, everyone at ICOM is looking forward to seeing how you will celebrate International Museum Day through the power of social media!

As President of The International Council of Museums, I feel honoured to be the conductor of the great and diverse orchestra made from the voices of thousands of passionate ICOM members.

Congratulations, and…

Happy International Museum Day!

Emma Nardi, ICOM President