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Declarations and statements

Declarations and statements

As the only NGO which represents museums and museum professionals in the world, ICOM publishes public statements and declarations on issues that have impacts on cultural heritage and the museum profession


  • ICOM’s statement on the independence of museums (2018)
  • ICOM’s statement on Natural Disasters Affecting Cultural Heritage (2017)
  • ICOM’s statement on President Trump’s 27 January Executive Order (2017)
  • ICOM’s statement concerning the Protection of Cultural Property and the Amendment of the Law in Germany (2015)
  • ICOM’s statement concerning Exceptions to Copyright (2015)
  • Appeal to the European Parliament and Commission, to the Parliaments and Governments of European Countries and to Regional and Local Governments Support Culture and Museums to Face the Global Crisis and Build the Future (2013)
  • Declaration of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM) for worldwide Sustainable Cultural Tourism (2007)
  • Illicit traffic on internet. Appeal from ICOM, UNESCO and Interpol (2007)
  • Statement by the President of ICOM on current legal actions against museums for the return of illegally exported cultural property (especially Italy Vs the J Paul Getty Museum) (2006)
  • Promoting the use of Mediation in Resolution of disputes over the Ownership of objects in Museum Collections: Statement by the President of ICOM Alissandra Cummins (2006)
  • Museums, Intangible Heritage and Globalisation – The Shanghai Charter (2002)
  • Appeal to Assist the National Museum of Afghanistan (2002)
  • Arusha Appeal (1993)

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