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ICOM Committees

ICOM Committees

ICOM’s Committees represent museums and museum professionals within the association. They contribute to the resources, energy and diversity of ICOM.

National Committees

The 119 National Committees organise ICOM’s members at a national level and ensure the interests of museums and museum professionals in their respective countries. They represent their members within ICOM and contribute to the realisation of the association’s programmes.

International Committees

The 32 International Committees bring together experts of museum specialties.
They are global think tanks on museum, and more generally, heritage, matters. They define standards, develop recommendations, and share professional experience and scientific information, with ICOM members.

Regional Alliances

The 6 Regional Alliances are forums that promote dialogue and information exchange between the National Committees of a given geographical area.

Affiliated Organisations

The Affiliated Organisations are international associations or councils that may serve the interest of museums and museum professionals. They are separate entities but participate in ICOM’s activities and contribute to the influence of ICOM and its network.

Standing Committees and Working Groups

The Standing Committees and Working Groups are mandated by the President and the Executive Board to give advice and provide expertise on essential aspects of the association and on subjects of importance for the global museum community. While a Standing Committee is permanent, the mandate of a Working Group is limited. Both Standing Committees and Working Groups unite ICOM’s international experts to assess reforms and rules that contribute to the efficiency of the management of ICOM.

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