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ICOM Award

Welcome to the application process for the ICOM Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums!   

About ICOM Award 

Before you apply, we invite you to read this article to find out more about what this award is all about, who can apply and what the application deadlines are.  

Gain a deeper understanding of the ICOM Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums by viewing recordings of Capacity Building sessions. These sessions are designed to provide insights into the award’s objectives, criteria, and how your museum project can align with sustainable development practices.


Checklist to Facilitate the Process 

To ensure a smooth application process, utilise our handy checklist. This checklist outlines all the necessary steps and documents required for a successful submission.  

Download Checklist

Application document

Steps to Submit the Application 

Follow these straightforward steps to successfully submit your application:  

  • Step 1: Complete Online Form. Fill out the online application form with accurate details about your project. (coming soon) 
  • Step 2: Obtain Endorsement. Download the Word format of the call for endorsement and send it to the relevant ICOM Body for their endorsement.
    Download Word Format
    View Eligible ICOM Bodies
  • Step 3: Submit Endorsed Application. Once endorsed, submit the completed application along with the endorsement to the provided submission portal. (coming soon) 

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