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ICOM Award

Welcome to the application process for the ICOM Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums!   

About ICOM Award 

Before you apply, we invite you to read this article to find out more about what this award is all about, who can apply and what the application deadlines are.  

Gain a deeper understanding of the ICOM Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums by viewing recordings of Capacity Building sessions. These sessions are designed to provide insights into the award’s objectives, criteria, and how your museum project can align with sustainable development practices.


Checklist to Facilitate the Process 

To ensure a smooth application process, utilise our handy checklist. This checklist outlines all the necessary steps and documents required for a successful submission.  

Download Checklist


Who can apply? 

If your museum has successfully implemented sustainable development actions and completed the project, ICOM wants to hear from you!

  • Submissions will be judged based on the impact created by the project. Initiatives should demonstrate clear results, outcomes,or impact.
  • ICOM is looking for a diverse range of submissions, from different museum types, addressing different sustainable development challenges. 
  • Submissions are especially encouraged from small museums, small projects, and those that have pushed the boundaries of ‘standard’ museum practice.

Why apply?

  • Global Recognition: Showcase your institution or initiative on the world stage as a leader in sustainable development, particularly during the award ceremony at the 2025 General Conference. 
  • Network Building: Connect with like-minded professionals, institutions, and experts from around the globe, fostering collaboration and shared learning. 
  • Inspire Change: Demonstrate the impact of your efforts and inspire others in the museum sector to embrace and strengthen their commitment to sustainable development. 

How to apply

 Before submitting your application 

Submitting your application 

  • Pre-fill the first section of the form and send it, along with the completed project description document, to your ICOM entity to request an endorsement.
  • Complete the information on the submission portal and upload the project description document together with the signed endorsement letter 
  • Deadline for submission: 30 September 2024 


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