The Secretariat's international team, which comprises 10 different nationalities, implements the decisions taken by the Executive Council, works in accordance with the strategic plan, coordinates the Committees’ activities, manages the programmes linked to ICOM’s missions and provides services to the organisation's members.

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  • Peter Keller

    Director General

Administrative and Legal Section

  • Fernando Avakian

    Manager of Standing Committees and General Meetings

  • Jennifer Keane

    Executive Coordinator

  • Morgane Fouquet Lapar

    Legal and Institutional Affairs Coordinator

  • Lucile Lepleux

    Events Project Assistant

  • Francesca Pollicini

    General Manager of Institutional Events

  • Marion Torterat

    Legal assistant

  • Lucas Gourragne

    Legal assistant

Finance and General Services Department

  • Isabelle Demangeot

    Head of Finance and General Services Department

  • Florian Courty

    Management Accountant

  • Inssam Selmi

    General Services Officer / HR Administrator

Membership Department

  • Benjamin Granjon

    Head of Membership Department

  • Tito Chan

    Senior Membership Officer

  • Marie-Astrid de Baynast

    Membership Coordinator

  • Alberto Amedeo Calderoni

    Membership Coordinator

  • Amanda Lancry

    Membership and Dues Coordinator

  • Sarah Petrogalli

    Membership Coordinator

  • Marine Walon

    International Committees Coordinator

Communications and Public Relations Department

  • Alexandra Fernández Coego

    Head of Communication and Public Relations Department

  • Laetitia Conort

    Digital Communication Officer

  • Alessandro Gaballo

    Communications Coordinator

  • Jusuk Ma

    Motion Graphic Designer

Department of Heritage Protection

  • Sophie Delepierre

    Head of Heritage Protection

  • Ted Oakes

    Heritage Protection assistant

  • Elsa Urtizverea

    Heritage Protection Coordinator

Publications and Documentation Department

  • Aedin Mac Devitt

    Head of Publications and Documentation Department

  • Melanie Foehn

    Editorial Coordinator

  • Virginie Lassarre

    Editorial Coordinator

  • Agnès Roché


Capacity Building – Museums and Society Department

  • Carlos Serrano Vásquez

    Capacity Building Programmes Coordinator

  • Ludovica Antonucci

    Museum Training Programmes Assistant

  • Minamo Akiyama


Museums and Society

  • Katharine Turvey

    Museums and Society Coordinator