The Secretariat's international team, which comprises 10 different nationalities, implements the decisions taken by the Executive Council, works in accordance with the strategic plan, coordinates the Committees’ activities, manages the programmes linked to ICOM’s missions and provides services to the organisation's members.

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  • Medea Ekner

    Director General

Human Resources

  • Carine Laboutade

    Human Resources Manager

Executive Affairs Department

  • Jennifer Keane

    Head of the Executive Affairs Department

  • Marta Cagnin

    Executive Affairs Coordinator

  • Valentina Giacchi

    Institutional Affairs Assistant

  • Sara Scaramella

    Personal Assistant to the President

Finance Department

  • Florian Courty

    Head of Finances

  • Corentin Waldert

    Finance controller

Legal Affairs

  • Valentine Molineau

    Legal Advisor

  • Marion Torterat

    Legal Coordinator

General services

  • Inssam Selmi

    General Services Manager

Institutional Events Department

  • Francesca Pollicini

    Head of Institutional Events Department

  • Minamo Akiyama

    Institutional Events Coordinator

  • Ivana Zaja

    Institutional Events Coordinator

Membership Department

  • Benjamin Granjon

    Head of Membership

  • Tito Chan

    Senior Membership Officer

  • Marie-Astrid de Baynast

    Membership Coordinator

  • Sarah Petrogalli

    Membership Coordinator

  • Marine Walon

    International Committees Coordinator

  • Ana Georgia Sagum

    National Committees Coordinator

Communications and Public Relations Department

  • Christian Kraugerud Søberg

    Head of Communications and Public Relations

  • Laetitia Conort

    Digital Commmunications Coordinator

  • Alexandra Vikulina

    Communications Coordinator (on leave)

  • Anapaula García Soto

    Communications Coordinator

  • Matteo M. Di Cristofaro

    Communications Coordinator

  • Emily Tolman

    Internal Communication Coordinator

Department of Heritage Protection

  • Sophie Delepierre

    Head of Heritage Protection

  • Hélène Ventimiglia

    Heritage Protection Coordinator

  • Marianthi Kopellou

    Heritage Protection Coordinator

  • Jeanne Crampette

    Heritage Protection Coordinator

  • Audrey Hogan

    Heritage Protection Coordinator

Publications, Documentation and Archives Department

  • Agnès Roché

    Head of Publications, Documentation and Archives

  • Antonia Ivo

    Editorial Coordinator

  • Alice Guillard

    Editorial Coordinator

  • Freeman Batonon

    Documentation Trainee

Capacity Building – Museums and Society Department

  • Katharine Turvey

    Head of Capacity Building – Museum & Society (on leave, interim replacement Sophie Delepierre)

  • Ludovica Antonucci

    Capacity Building Coordinator

  • Rachelle Kalee

    Assistant Capacity Building – Museums & Society