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ICOM’s publications provide a platform for the development of expertise and knowledge in the museum field. ICOM’s publications include a peer-reviewed journal and research book series. ICOM’s Committees also regularly publish journals, books, e-newsletters and more.

Museum International

Museum International is ICOM’s peer-reviewed journal, which promotes the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the museums and heritage field on an international level. The journal aims to foster knowledge-sharing and provoke debate through interdisciplinary research and best practices for the protection of heritage in a fast-changing world. If you are an ICOM member you can access the journal here.

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ICOM Advances in Museum Research series

This monograph book series developed by ICOM in collaboration with scholarly publisher, Routledge, draws on the expertise of ICOM’s worldwide network of museum professionals, representing a range of museum- and heritage-related disciplines. Bridging theory and practice, the series’ multi-perspective approach ensures its relevancy for academics, researchers and students of museology. The first book in the series,  The Future of Natural History Museums,was published in 2017.

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Key Concepts of Museology

Key Concepts of Museology is a reference tool, developed by ICOM’s International Committee for Museology (ICOFOM), which provides museum professionals worldwide with a common language. It presents 21 fundamental concepts of museology. Key Concepts of Museology is available in 11 languages.

Publishing Manual

The ICOM Publishing Manual was developed to assist ICOM committees in fostering their editorial activity. It provides practical guidelines on each step in the publishing process, addressing both print and digital publications, and all formats from e-newsletters to book series. The manual will be updated regularly.

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ICOM Publications Catalogue

The ICOM Publications Catalogue 2018 presents the publications carried out by the ICOM Secretariat, including the journal Museum International, reference tools and collective works, as well as forthcoming projects for 2019.

The ICOM Publications Catalogue 2019 will include the publications of ICOM’s committees and Regional Alliances. To ensure your publication is included in this catalogue, please send us details of your publishing projects.

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