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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the consulting body of ICOM. It consists of the Chairpersons (or their representatives) of National and International Committees, Regional Alliances, and Affiliated Organisations.

The Advisory Council advises the Executive Board and the General Assembly in the general interest of ICOM on matters concerning the policies, programmes, procedures and finances of ICOM.

In 2022, Antonio Rodriguez (ICEE Board, Chair of SAREC, Venezuela and United States) has been elected Chairperson of the Advisory Council and Medea S.Ekner (chair of ICOM Sweden) vice-chair of Chairperson of the Advisory Council. In June 2023, Medea S.Ekner resigned from her position as Vice-Chair of the ICOM Advisory Council to take up the role of Interim Director General of the Secretariat. New elections will be held to fill the position of Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council.

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