Museums have no borders,
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Become a member

Become a member

Be part of the museum community

As a member of ICOM, you will be part of the global museum community, get involved in international missions and gain access to ICOM’s resources.

With more than 45,000 members from 138 countries and territories, ICOM is a unique professional network of institutions and museum professionals that will open new opportunities for you.

Why become a member?

Whether you are an individual or institutional member, your ICOM membership will grant you a number of advantages for your professional development and contribute to the future of the international museum community.

More benefits

  • ICOM conferences and discounts on partners events
  • Publications, tools and professional standards
  • ICOM learning
  • Membership card


If you are a museum professional or your museum is an institution recognised by ICOM, and you respect the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums, you can become an ICOM member.


You can join ICOM as:

  • an individual member if you are a working or retired museum professional or if you provide services, knowledge and expertise for museums, as your main professional activity;
  • an institutional member if you represent a museum or another institution that complies with the definition of a museum;
  • a student member if you are enrolled in a museum-related academic programme;
  • a supporting member if you, or your institution, provide substantial assistance to ICOM both financially and otherwise, due to an interest in museums.

Become a member

contact your national committee

Applications for membership are sent to the National Committee of your country of residence or, if none, directly to the Secretariat.

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