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July 21, 2023

NetworkCall for Papers – Museum International: Open Edition

Museum International will publish a second Open edition in 2024, with all proposals related to the museum and heritage fields welcome.

All abstracts received will be evaluated for their relevance to the current museum landscape on the basis of an anonymous reviewing process.

This new issue of Museum International will address the diversity of themes and actors shaping the international museum landscape today. It will follow the journal’s primary vocation of fostering knowledge sharing and debate within the international museum community in all museum- and heritage-related fields, by publishing multidisciplinary and international research articles, case studies, reports and book reviews, in an inclusive manner.

This issue will be published in summer 2024, in collaboration with Taylor&Francis/Routledge.


Abstracts of approximately 300 words, written in English, French or Spanish, should be submitted for selection to in a Word (.doc) document.

Contributions will be on a voluntary basis.

The following information should be included with the abstract:

  1. Title of submitted paper
  2. Name(s) of author(s)
  3. Professional background

The abstract submission deadline is 02 October 2023.

The abstracts received will be examined on a blind review basis by the Editorial Board.

Museum International is published in English. However, proposals in the other two official languages of ICOM (French and Spanish) will also be considered. If your abstract is selected, we will provide guidelines for your full article, and you’ll have approximately two months to complete it. You may also submit your full article in either English, French or Spanish.


An abstract is a summary of the journal manuscript. It should be approximately 300 words (excluding selected references) and provide a succinct overview of the article. Please send your abstract in a word document. The abstract should be read as a standalone document and the document should not contain images or footnotes.

Abstracts sent to Museum International should include the following sections (not necessarily presented in this way, but all elements need to be included):

  1. Introduction: one or two short sentences to describe the overall topic dealt with in the article and provides background to the study.
  2. Research question(s)/Critical issue(s): explains the key research question or critical issue, by stating the problem addressed. It should also highlight the gap in existing research on the topic.
  3. Innovation: explains the approach to the research question/issue, and the new perspective adopted.
  4. Methodology: explains how the research was carried out (e.g. case studies, interviews, etc.) or the means used to address the critical issue.
  5. Selected references: a selection of the references that will be cited in the article(only your main sources).
  6. Keywords (maximum of 5).