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July 22, 2020

NetworkICOM Annual Report 2019 is now online!

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is delighted to share the excellent results, activities and projects carried out during 2019.

The 25th ICOM General Conference, held in Kyoto on 1–7 September 2019, was a global event that shattered records on many fronts. ICOM Kyoto 2019 was emblematic of the extraordinary work carried out during last year across our network, of which this report provides a glimpse.

ICOM activities and projects revolved around the ongoing drive to ensure museums’ relevancy and dynamism in the 21st century. Two new ICOM International Committees were born, devoted to Disaster Resilient Museums and Ethical Dilemmas, adding to the thirty already existing ones.

An annual membership base growth of +9.5% during 2019 is the result of ICOM’s efforts to ensure an efficient global representation of museums and museum professionals. ICOM today brings together 48,931 members from 142 countries and territories, including 118 national committees.

The publication of the activity report is an opportunity to take stock of the recent progress made by our organisation – now in its 74th year of activity – while considering what can be further developed to ensure that museums keep assuming a leading role in addressing the crucial issues that our society is going through.

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Download the Report 2019 here