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June 17, 2024

NetworkICOM-IMREC Conference: Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals – Towards 2030

The ICOM International Museum Research and Exchange Centre (ICOM-IMREC) and ICOM Korea are thrilled to announce the “Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals – Towards 2023” Conference, set to take place in Seoul, South Korea.

This landmark event, hosted by the National Folk Museum of Korea, will unfold over two days on July 2-3, 2024, with preparatory workshops scheduled for July 1 at the National Hangeul Museum and a post-conference tour on July 4th.

Museum Sustainabilities Workshops

On July 1, the conference will kick off with an insightful day of workshops at the National Hangeul Museum. These workshops will be focused on:

  1. Changing Climate Management Strategies: Sustainable Collection Environments and Monitoring Objects Response
  2. ICOM’s Framework Sustainability Action Plan

These sessions will address critical strategies for managing climate change impacts on museum collections and explore ICOM’s comprehensive action plan for sustainability.

Conference Overview

The main conference, spanning July 2-3, will feature a robust scientific program and conclude with a day of engaging post-conference activities. The core objective of the conference is to delve into the pivotal role museums play in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the Agenda 2030 and inspire museums worldwide to engage with this global social action programme.

The conference structure is aligned with the five key pillars of sustainable development: Partnership, People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace. This thematic framework will guide discussions and presentations, ensuring a holistic exploration of sustainability within the museum sector. Keynote speakers include Prof. Jaeseung Jeong, Henry McGhie, Robert Janes and Lucimara Letelier.

Speakers from across the globe will converge to share innovative perspectives, groundbreaking ideas, and practical case studies. While the conference will maintain a global outlook on museums and sustainability, there will be a particular emphasis on the contributions of Asia-Pacific museums to the SDGs. This regional focus highlights the unique and significant role that Asia-Pacific museums play in fostering sustainable development.

ICOM-IMREC and ICOM Korea look forward to welcoming participants to Seoul for this groundbreaking event, as we collectively explore and enhance the role of museums in achieving a sustainable future.

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