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February 22, 2022

ICOM VoicesInternational Journal of Intangible Heritage: The Status of Women Weavers as Heritage Bearers in Peru

Giulia Avanza

Master of Science ‒ Fondazione Santagata per l’Economia della Cultura (Italy)

Photo: Victor Zea (Copyright © 2021 HILANDO VICTORIA).

The 16th edition of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage (IJIH) marks a new phase for the journal and, to celebrate it, ICOM Voices will publish one article from each issue.

IJIH was created in 2004 as an outcome of the ICOM General Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea that year. As the first peer-reviewed journal to present research on the preservation, interpretation and promotion of intangible heritage, it serves as an effective platform for the intangible cultural heritage movement, and is published in English and Korean on an annual basis, free to access for the general public.

Following an agreement between ICOM, the National Folk Museum of Korea and ICOM Korea, it was decided to extend the discussion of intangible heritage to the wider international museum community.

From this 16th edition of IJIH, published in December 2021, we are delighted to publish a contribution from the Canchis province in the Cuzco region of Peru, which describes the area’s tradition of loom textile-making and addresses several themes relevant to today’s museum discourse: local development, gender, cultural preservation and social inequality.

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