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May 7, 2019

International Museum Day 2019 reads | “Connecting Across Cultures and Time”

For International Museum Day 2019, we have selected for you a series of articles published in Museum International in connection with the theme “the future of tradition”.


Garlandini, A. 2015. ‘Connecting Across Cultures and Time: Case Studies from Italian Museums’, Museum International, Vol. 67, No. 265-268, pp. 90-103. Italy

This paper discusses what museums can do to address the issues brought about by global change and ensuing social, economic and cultural tensions. Just as globalisation can encourage international and intercultural relationships, enrichment and creativity, so too can it foster intolerance and the destruction of cultural heritage and diversity—dual scenarios that are currently playing out in several parts of the world. Traditional policies seem, moreover, unable to successfully confront nationalism, xenophobia, interreligious conflicts, social tensions, and extremism. New approaches to global change are needed. How can museums contribute to social cohesion and intercultural exchange in the current context of changing demographics? What approaches can they take to enhance cultural diversity and inclusion, promote cultural exchange, and foster the new identities of 21st century communities? In the present article, I explore Italy’s longstanding history as a cultural meeting ground and examine five recent projects undertaken by museums in different Italian communities in response to globalisation and the cultural diversification of Italian society.

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