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May 31, 2022

ConferenceLaunch of The Best in Heritage 2022 online edition

ICOM is proud to partner once more with The Best in Heritage to support its leading, global role in the professional sector as a unique platform connecting the international public memory sector.

The Best in Heritage is an annual, global conference featuring award-winning, museum, heritage and conservation projects organised in partnership with the International Council of Museums and Europa Nostra. As one of the most long-lasting and comprehensive conferences in the field of public memory institutions, The Best in Heritage has launched its 21st edition, which is taking place online from late May to early October 2022.

Featuring video-interviews with representatives of more than 40 museum, heritage and conservation projects that have been awarded in the past year, the online edition will deliver an exhaustive overview of best practices from all over the globe, focusing on the criteria of professional excellence, public value, and innovation.

In the video-interviews acclaimed experts from the field provide insights into their accomplishments, give us an exclusive behind-the scenes look at their work, discuss important professional topics and offer valuable specialist advice.

The interviewers, who serve at the same time as the “Project of Influence” Jury, come from diverse professional backgrounds and help provide an overview of the featured projects and the reasons behind their success. In 2022, the interviewers are: Jens Beutmann, Head of Exhibitions and Visitor Service at the State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz; Alvin Yapp, Owner of The Intan; Alexandra Fernández Coego, Head of Communications and PR at ICOM; Daphne Becket, Principal at Becket Architects; Tom Loughman, Co-Chair of ICOM-US; and Ciprian Melian, the CEO of LIVDEO.

The 2022 keynote speakers are the winners of the previous edition: Loredana Amenta from Orpheo Group Italy (representing UnmuteArt project) and Senior Kaurna Elder Lynette Crocker & Julia Garnaut from the Holdfast Bay Discovery Centre (representing Tiati Truth-Telling Together project).

The diverse line-up of featured projects spans from virtual, augmented and extended reality experiences and tours, digital storytelling projects, online educational resources and documentaries, and Covid-19 response projects to the world’s first voice-activated museum, community programmes, hands-on visitor experiences, archaeology, conservation & preservation projects, and cross-continental collaborations. The projects also tackled challenging topics, be it colonisation, immigration, history of mass repression, the role of curators and historians in shaping narratives and perspectives around the past and future.

The programme starts in late May and will conclude in early October. Follow The Best in Heritage YouTube channel, the announcements on Twitter and Facebook, and make sure you receive the regular newsletters, to which you can subscribe on the conference website.

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