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November 25, 2019

FocusMuseums and community : EU-LAC-MUSEUMS outcomes

Discover the world of small, local museums and their communities in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean through some of the many documents produced since the beginning of the project.

EU-LAC-MUSEUMS was conceived under the auspices of ICOM in 2014. The project is a consortium of academics, museum professionals and policy makers working in Scotland, Portugal, Spain, France, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and the Anglophone Caribbean who are committed to community museology making a difference in the world.

While the project is entering its final phase in 2020, you will find here some insight on the multifaceted research work carried out as part of this international project, which covers many themes such as sustainability, community development, youth empowerment, gender and migration, or digitization of museum collections.


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To know more about “General aspects of the projects”, read the Report on a Policy Round Table held at the European Commission offices, Brussels, 29 April 2019.

“The approach to most of our work can be described as grass-roots. It involves the communities we work with at all stages of the research and innovation process – from conception to planning, implementation, dissemination and evaluation – to ensure that the impact is felt within communities. By way of the Brussels Policy Round Table and this report, we aspire to create a bridge between policy and practice, allowing community voices to speak back through our project outputs to the policy makers and funders whose priorities we are implementing.” Karen Brown

Download the report

Focusing on Empowerment as the key feature of community museums, the compendium “On Community and Sustainable Museums” is both the result of the project’s research and a useful tool for museums professionals.

“Community museums foster cohesion, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity, all of which are different dimensions of community empowerment, so pro-moting citizenship.” Luis Raposo

Download the publication

Finaly, EU-LAC-MUSEUMS produced a Manual for 3D digitation and spherical technologies to be used by small and local museums.

Download the Manual

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693669