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September 25, 2019

ConferenceThe Best in Heritage reads

For The Best in Heritage 2019, we have selected for you a series of articles published in Museum International in connection with the projects awarded in the previous year.


IMAGINES programme

  1. National Museum of the American Indian: Americans/IDCA best website
    Museum International, Vol. 71, No 281-282 (The Museum Definition)

    The Americans website encourages users to engage with the complicated relationship Americans have with American Indians, and illustrates that these images, words, and stories are a powerful way to understand a country forever fascinated and conflicted by its relationship with American Indians.

    Richard West Jr., ‘Cultural Interpretation in the 21st Century: Transformational Changes in Museum Practice’. The author draws on his experience running institutions that hold significant collections of the cultural patrimony of the Native peoples of the Americas.


  1. Cultlab3d: Automated Scanning Technology For 3d Digitisation
    Museum International, Vol 70, No 277-78 (Museums in a Digital World)
    Werner Schweibenz, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction’
    The author discusses the impact of digital reproductions and digital creations on Western cultural canon.



  1. Gulag History State Museum, Moscow, Russia
    Museum International, Vol. 69, No 275-76 (Museums and Public Policy)
    Olga Zabalueva, ‘Cultural Policies in Russian Museums’
    The author analyses Russian national museums and cultural policies imposed by the state, with the Gulag History Museum as one example


  1. Bač Fortress, Bač, Serbia
    Museum International, Vol 69, No 273-74 (Museums and Cultural Landscapes)

    Marta Severo, ‘European Cultural Routes: Building a Multi-Actor Approach’

    Renger de Bruin, Astrid Hertog, Roeland Paardekooper, ‘The Roman Limes on the Lower Rhine: A European Border’s Visibility in Landscape and Museums’

    Steven Kotze and Bonginkosi Zuma, ‘Navigating Freedom: Social Cohesion Policies and the Democratic Cultural Landscape of Durban’s Liberation Heritage Route’


  1. War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo
    Museum International, Vol. 71, No 281-282 (The Museum Definition)
    Jasminko Halilovic, ‘The War Childhood Museum: Creation and Principles’
    The author describes the conception and development of The War Childhood Museum


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