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Capacity Building

Capacity Building

ICOM training workshops and activities promote and encourage capacity building for museum professionals

In order to shape the museum of tomorrow, ICOM delivers high standard capacity building programmes with the support of its network. The objective of these programmes is to improve museum practices in specific regions and to promote professional regional cooperation between institutions that are facing similar challenges.

ICOM’s specificity is to offer capacity-building activities adapted to each field. These trainings are designed to fit the participants’ needs and profiles. ICOM’s trainings activities are flexible: their duration, location, and themes are tailored for a given situation. Furthermore, ICOM Training programmes give a large priority to practical workshops, courses and exchange programmes instead of theoretical seminars, with hands-on exercises organised within the concerned institutions.

ICOM Training activities are organised in collaboration with different partners, depending on the scope and terms.

ICOM implements its Training Programmes based on four main axes: the ICOM-ITC Trainings, the Regional Trainings, the Exchange Programmes, and the Online Trainings.


International Training Centre for Museum Studies (ICOM-ITC)

Regional Trainings

Exchange Programmes

On-line Trainings